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Dawson Aircraft Repair RetrievalsDawson Aircraft has been trusted by insurance companies to locate, disassemble, and transport downed aircraft of all types to our secure storage facility for over 25 years. Our licensed technicians are committed to safety in every step of the recovery process, our drivers are required to keep a DOT Drivers Medical and our record is spotless. We have the capacity to assemble up to five crews independently with trucks, trailers, cranes and ATV’s for harsh conditions. We also maintain multiple travel trailers for housing, specifically for natural disasters. Our capability and experience is unmatched in the agricultural and general aviation industry and we work hard to maintain our reputation as the leader in aircraft recovery
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Dawson Aircraft RepairsIn 1990 Dawson Aircraft started out as a Major Airframe Repair and Inspection Center. We stay true to our roots with the same meticulous work habits and quality craftsmanship that has impressed customers from the beginning. Each of our FAA licensed airframe and powerplant technicians have received quality training and surpassed all FAA requirements. Our excellent record and quality work will give you peace of

mind when back in the air. 

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Our recovery service combined with the secure storage facility we provide ensures customers experience the same quality and professionalism throughout the entire process. We provide indoor storage using two warehouses in addition to four enclosed storage hangers. Outdoor storage is gated and is not accessible to any person not on staff. Our entire campus is armed with a security system that notifies police when tripped. We also have surveillance cameras recording 24/7 in all of our storage areas. 

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Dawson Aircraft Repair Crash InvestigationsAll of our services are centered around safety and we have the privilege of aiding the FAA, NTSB, as well as various aircraft and engine manufacturers in investigations after an accident. We understand that we disassemble, haul, and store evidence that could save the next pilot’s life; and we take this responsibility very seriously. During the recovery process, we use extra time and caution to ensure the condition of the engine and other structural members are “as found” to try and recreate the scene as accurately as possible for the investigators. All we need is a minimum of 48 hours notice, and we will have our aircraft storage facility ready for any level of investigation.




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