About Us

About Dawson Aircraft

Since 1990, Dawson Aircraft, as founded by its President Will Dawson, has provided services for the aviation community!

Our mission is to offer anyone needing used aircraft parts an easy, fast and convenient way to get the right parts you need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the hassles.

– Will Dawson, Founder Dawson Aircraft, Inc.


Dawson Aircraft engages in a constant process of acquiring inventory and posting it online for its customers. These parts are in as-removed condition providing aircraft owners and operators an option in searching for difficult- if-not-impossible-to-find aircraft parts and accessories. Not everything is listed in the online inventory. By the nature of aircraft being parted out and the parts being listed, however, aircraft structure remains behind. On this: If you have a need for structural pieces, call: 501-745-6550. With your call, our professional and experienced staff can work with you in meeting specific and unique needs — such as structure for an airframe repair. Shipping & Returns info

Warranty / Return

Only non-defective items returned within 10 days will be given a full refund. After 10 days there will be a 20 percent restocking fee. After 30 days no refund will be given. Contact Dawson Aircraft, Inc. within 10 days to be given your return authorization number. Parts must be returned unaltered and in their original packaging to be eligible for any refund. Return shipping costs will be the customer responsibility. All items are sold as-is as Dawson Aircraft, Inc. can not attest to their serviceability or airworthiness. Tested electrical parts cannot be returned. Call 501-745-6550 with questions.


From day one, Dawson Aircraft has engaged in aircraft maintenance and repair. This has evolved into today’s specialization in structural repair — at times significant structural repair — to return aircraft to airworthy condition after an incident. Everything from a gear-up landing to a golf ball landing where it shouldn’t: We’ve seen it before and we know what it takes to get it back in service. Repairs are undertaken while following all applicable directives, FAA and Manufacturer’s specs not in the least, and performed by very experienced licensed repairman. Is it bent? Needs repair? Check with us.


Let’s make this simple: Dawson Aircraft has well over 20 years in the airplane biz, and with it, experience in broad segments of that industry, dealing with whatever “it” may be. If this is your first time ever seeing it, or your first time having to deal with it, then give us a call. More than parts, repairs, or investigations, Dawson Aircraft has a proven track record of making it a smaller mountain — and has the mountain experience to prove it. Call 501-745-6550 for details.