2018 JUST Aircraft SuperStol XL

For Sale 2018 SuperStol XL


January 2022

Below are details for the aircraft for sale. This airplane is completely loaded with a touch screen G3X system with bluetooth connectivity. The airplane also makes use of GFC700 3-axis autopilot with preselect and flight director. The G3X displays traffic, weather, VFR chart w/ moving map, engine analyzer and synthetic vision with terrain alerts.

This SuperStol competed in the ArkanSTOL contest. There is a video linked below.


Contact our office for more information. (501) 745-6550

Email: [email protected]


  • Wingspan: 31.27 feet, 8’6” wings folded
  • Fuel capacity: 33 gallons
  • Cruise fuel consumption: Estimated 7.5 gph at 90 kts
  • Maximum gross weight: 1,550 lbs
  • Typical empty weight: 870 lbs
  • Typical useful load: 680 lbs
  • Full fuel payload: 518 lbs
  • LSA typical useful load: 449 lbs
  • LSA full fuel payload: 287 lbs
  • Cabin Width: 44 inches
  • Baggage area: 32 cubic feet
  • Cruise speed: 95-110 kts
  • Stall, power off, no flaps: less than 28 mph
  • Takeoff distance, at 1,320 gross: less than 100 ft
  • Landing distance, at 1,320 gross: less than 100 ft
  • Rate of climb, solo: greater than 2,000 ft per minute

Airframe: TTAF: 204.5 Fresh Annual 10/2021

  • Two 13.5 gallon wing tanks & 5 gallon header in baggage area
  • 21 inch Alaska Tundra tires
  • Berringer extreme brake package with dual calipers and pressure adjusting knob in the cock pit
  • Heavy Duty Extended Main Gear w/1.25″ Axles
  • 8 inch Tundra Lite Lockable Tail Wheel
  • Heavy Duty Main Gear Option- 2.0″ shock with 1.50″ shaft (12″ of travel)
  • Berringer Wheels and Brakes
  • “Wallen Flying Tail” horizontal
  • Gull Style Doors/Windows,
  • SPEEDSTOL Vortex Generators on the wing and horizontal surfaces
  • Self-deploying leading edge slats and long span fowler flaps to further improve the aircraft’s stall range
  • Spoilers on top of the wing to provide control at ultra low speed
  • Forward window side panel cut-outs to provide visibility in a high AOA config
  • Wig-Wag Aerosun AeroLED lights
  • LED Nav & Strobe light
  • EarthX ETX900 Battery (4.9lbs)
  • Premium Leather seats with upgraded cushions
  • Feather Weight Carbon Fiber Floor panels


  • TCW Intergrated Back-Up Battery System (3amp hrs)
  • ACK 406 E-04 Remote ELT
  • Garmin GTR 200 Com Radio
  • Garmin Remote GTX345 Transponder
  • Garmin Remote GTX20A WAAS GPS
  • Pilot and Co-Pilot PTT Switch
  • Garmin GFC 700 Autopilot with Flight Director, Altitude select & hold
  • Autopilot Disconnect switch
  • Garmin G5
  • Garmin G3X touch screen system displaying:
    • GTX 345 ADSB Traffic
    • GTX 345 ADSB Weather including METAR & Radar
    • MFD Information (AHARS)
    • AOA
    • GFC Autopilot Flight Director & Autopilot Controller
    • All GPS Functions
    • Terrain map and Alerting system
    • VFR chart with moving map
    • Synthetic Terrain
    • GEA 24 Engine Analyzer
    • Bluetooth connectivity for moving flight plans from a phone or tablet to the G3X
    • Audible alerting for traffic, terrain, fuel planning and fight plan checkpoints

Engine: Titan OX-340-B4J3T8

  • Marvel Schebler MA-4SPA Carb (larger option)
  • Light Speed Engineering “Plasma III” Capacitive Discharge Ignition System (Electronic Ignition)
  • CATTO 2-Bladed Glass/Carbon Composite Propeller W/ Nickel Leading edge
    • 80″ Diameter x 50″ Pitch
    • 0-340 170+HP@2700RPM
    • Top Speed at Target RPM- 137-145 mph@2700-2800 RPM
  • CATTO Carbon Fiber Spinner
  • SkyTec Starter
  • 2019 Plane Power alternator
  • 2021 Carb Heat Box