For Sale 1942 Taylorcraft L2A

1942 Taylorcraft L2A

Warbird For Sale!


This 1942 DCO65 (L2A) has a fresh engine, bungees, and hardware all the way around. An external battery system enables a radio with push-to-talk and a 2-place intercom without the weight of an alternator, starter, and a large lead acid battery. It might be the most fun you can have in the air. We often remove the door when the weather is warm.

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  • Continental A-65-8F (flange shaft) 84hrs TSMO in 2019
  • NAS3B Carb Overhauled in 2019
  • Slick Mags Overhauled in 2019
  • New Ignition Harness 2019
  • New Tempest Spark Plugs 2019
  • BA4108 Bracket Airfilter


  • New wooden Sensenich prop W72CK-42 in 2019 74hrs


  • Flight Line FL-760 Com Radio
  • Flight Com 403C 2 Place Intercom
  • PUSH TO TALK on the stick
  • External Battery System (does not charge in flight)


  • 4421.2 TT
  • 445.5 lbs Useful Load
  • Expander Brakes (new linings in 2019)
  • New Bungees in 2019
  • New hardware in wing attach points, gear, flight surface attach points in 2019
  • New hardware attaching engine mount to airframe 2019
  • New engine shock mounts in 2019