Aircraft Investigations

Federal Aircraft Investigations

We at Dawson Aircraft work along side the FAA and the NTSB in federal aircraft investigations in order to determine the cause of accidents in an effort to promote a safer environment for pilots everywhere.  Sometimes it can be a very lengthy process. The aircraft under investagations have to be kept safe and un altered. This is where our professionalism and clean aircraft storage facility comes into play. But first it all begins with the retrievalof the crashed plane. When it comes to preserving evidence during the recovery of wrecked aircraft, no one is more trusted than the aircraft storage professionals at Dawson Aircraft, Inc.  Taking great care of this evidence is crucial to the investigation process. It's very important that the evidense is not tempered with or changed in any way. Once the wreckage is transported to our location and the evidence is securely stored at our facility. We then provide government agents with all the tools and resources necessary to conduct a full, tear-down inspection. At Dawson Aircraft, Inc., aviation safety is of the utmost importance.  Which is why we work so hard to accomodate all federal investigators as well as representatives from the majoraircraft and engine companies.  All we need is a minimum of 48 hours notice, and we will have our aircraft storage facility ready for any level of investigation. Please, feel free to call us toll free at 877-293-5300 for aircraft storage service details. Our business is built by serving you.
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