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1969 Cessna Cardinal 177A for sale

Friday, September 15th, 2017

1969 Cessna Cardinal 177A – 4377 TTAF, 550 SMOH – factory; prop 156 SOH; two MX300 Nav/Com, RT 359A Transponder, static/transponder in 2005. Horton STOL.

180hp Engine

Hangar kept by meticulous owner since 2005. Tinted sun visors, Brackett air filter, heated pitot, windshield in 1997, lightweight starter, clean airplane. Roomy, comfortable, economical cross-country machine (owner plans at about 9 gph). Fixed pitch prop and fixed gear lowers maintenance hassle and operating cost.



Cessna Cardinal 177B for sale – Loaded! Clean!

Friday, May 5th, 2017

1972 Cessna 177B Cardinal 2,350 TTAF  149 TSReman 149 TSProp overhaul; loaded with STCs and mods, hangar kept, professionally flown and maintained. This is the cleanest, most loaded Cardinal anywhere.

$119,000  Sold! Thank you!

Engine: 149 since remain, changed to dual mag engine, dual impulse coupling, K&N air filter, Airwolf air-oil separator, Powerflow tuned exhaust, Skytec starter, new vacuum pump at reman, oil filter adapter, Plane Power alternator, JPI 930 engine monitor, prop overhaul at engine replacement.

Autopilot: S-TEC 30 autopilot with GPSS and Altitude hold, tail cone speed fairing,

Avionics: Dual Garmin 430 WAAS, XM, Aspen PFD, PMA 7000 audio panel, Artex ELT ME4096 with dash remote installed, pilot and co-pilot PTT switch in yoke,

External accesories: All LED lights, including taxi, AEVO nav lights and beacon,  tail cone speed fairing, Fancy Pants landing gear fairings, Monarch fuel caps

Interior: BAS-TSO Shoulder harness system, custom cardinal-motif upholstery with new plastics, Door Steward gas cylinder, left and right doors, pilot secondary seat stop, Aerostop seat stops left and right seat, Rosen visors, pilot and co-pilot vent windows, Soros Airflow Cabin air enhancement Kit, wired for Artic Air electric AC with panel mounted controls.

All the paperwork is in place for the STCs, 337s for every mod, current annual. This is an exceptionally nice airplane.

177RG wing pair

Monday, August 4th, 2014

We have these for sale, obviously. A customer had asked for some additional pictures and it’s not like we had any other blog entry going today, so we’re including these.

You wouldn’t think this would be a big deal, but try to find two 177RG wings in this day and time.


2014-08-04 15.18.25 2014-08-04 15.18.39 2014-08-04 15.16.25 2014-08-04 15.16.33 2014-08-04 15.16.46 2014-08-04 15.16.57 2014-08-04 15.17.05 2014-08-04 15.17.22 2014-08-04 15.17.31 2014-08-04 15.17.43



2014-08-05 11.36.05 2014-08-05 11.36.30 2014-08-05 11.33.34 2014-08-05 11.33.52 2014-08-05 11.34.06 2014-08-05 11.35.41




177 Airbox

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

A Cessna airbox; it’s so hard to come up with one of these we wanted to show off and blog this hot-rod.